Whale Sanctuary in Sainte Marie Madagascar Video Clip

 Whale Sanctuary in Sainte Marie Madagascar

Located a few kilometres off the east coast of Madagascar lies Sainte Marie, a tropical paradise and a whale sanctuary. Our photographers spent five days with CETAMADA, a local NGO that has created a sustainable model to study and protect humpback whales that cruise along the coast for three months each year. Visitors are given the opportunity to participate in the scientific work while locals have jobs providing an income during the low tourist season. The residents  the best advocates of whale conservation. CETAMADA is a leading organisation of the sea mammal scientific community for the development of a whale documentation database (CETANET). This slideshow includes graphic images of a whale stranded on a reef. The villagers rush to carve off the precious meat. A protein bonanza for locals.  All photos are available for licensing. Please contact us for rates.