The Tribe

The Tribe Press Agency Team

The Tribe Press Agency is a borderless tribe of reporters who aim to share stories of humanity and civil society through photography, journalism and travel. We aim to produce world-class articles and photographs through first-hand experiences of travel, cultures and geographic locations. Our photographers and journalist share the same passion for travel and cultures.
Our stories are available to publishers for licensing.
Most of our photographers accept commissions. Check their profile and contributions and fill the form below to commission the photographer of your choice. 

The Tribe members in alphabetic order:
Julie Andre: Photographer, Brisbane, Bali (ventes aux pays francophones)
Sara Amata and JAAC, Serial travellers and photographers. Based in Madrid.
Jose Bascon: Photographer, Madrid
Jimi Casaccia: Photographer, Italy, India and where his camera takes him
Mark Cunich: Photographer, Mark Cunich’s lifelong passion for travel has led him to more than 50 countries across all 7 continents, camera in hand.
Jean Pierre Daudier: Editorial Photographer, France
Moritz Drabusenigg: Photographer, Flores Indonesia. Manages the Dive Komodo Centre
Gina Geurgis: Photographer, Australia
John Khai: Photographer, Thailand
Eric Lafforgue: Editorial photographer, reporter.France
Jean Charles Lavictoire: Photographer, Madagascar
Jacques Maudy: Photojournalist, Brisbane, Indonesia.
Izzy Mugagga Mukasa: Photographer, Australia
Frederic Reglain: Photojournalist, France
David Shipton: Video and photographer, Sunshine Coast Australia

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We are currently looking for new talents to join our team. If you are an independent editor, journalist or photographer and wish to market any articles through The Tribe Press Agency, please contact us.

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