Sunshine Coast: The Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem – The Sunshine Coast Australia

Amidst all the regular stops is a gem of around 90km of coastal fringe that backs into the great dividing range that I call home. When I receive the itineraries from friends, their usual routine delivered from the agents with their glossy brochures recommends only a fleeting glance on their way from Byron Bay in the south to Fraser Island and north. I may sound more than a little parochial when I urge them to take some time here, but they are never disappointed and often wish they had organised their stay here on the Sunshine Coast a little longer.

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The Sunshine Coast is around an hour north of Brisbane, the Capital of Queensland, beginning at Caloundra and stretching along 70km of white, sandy beaches up to Noosa Heads with its unique Biosphere listing giving UNESCO protection for 1500 acres of pristine land.
Why is this little stretch of paradise so unique? I hear you ask. Well let’s start with its geography. Climate is an integral part of any holiday and the Sunshine Coast is perfectly positioned, just south of the cyclone belt, in water that is too cold for crocodiles and the nasty box jelly fish that haunt climates north of here, yet far enough north to enjoy year round milder conditions. Sure, for around six weeks during July and August you might be reaching for a jumper in the evening however the days are warm and the clear ocean is refreshingly inviting. It is also in the perfect position to take advantage of the warmer tropical waters sweeping down from the North meaning the water temperature is relatively stable all year around for those who fancy dipping their toes past the low tide mark.

The Hinterlands! How could I have not mentioned them yet?  A short drive back from the coast the road winds up steeply through vineyards overlooking the hauntingly beautiful volcanic structures that rise up out of the valley floor that Captain Cook named the Glasshouse Mountains as he sailed past on his way to “discovering” Australia.  To read the full article please fill the contact form below (media publishers only)

 Copyright : The Tribe Press Agency / Words and photos: David Shipton


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