The Tribe Press Agency  (TPA) is looking for new talents to submit their work.

How do you submit your work to The Tribe Press Agency?

You can submit either stories in this site – see definition below- or individual photos in our Stock Photo web site

Individual photos are photos that do not fit in a STORY. We all have hundreds of fantastic photos on our  drives that do not produce an income. This is your opportunity to turn them into cash.

Photos and words must be of the highest professional standard and they must belong to you.

A story comprises 25 photos with captions and 2000 words article. First submit a PDF document with thumbnails and captions (fill the from below to request the template). You will be then asked to supply the pictures in 72 dpi and 800 pixels for the longest edge and a folder with the TIFFs full size.

The stories must have not been published before – including on Facebook – and they are exclusive to The Tribe Press Agency. The photographer and writer retain the copyright but the stories are exclusively marketed by The Tribe Press Agency

Your photos must carry metadata as follow (Lightroom):
IPTC Copyright:
Copyright: your name
Status: copyrighted
Right Usage Terms: for licensing and publication please contact us
Copyright info URL:

IPTC Creator
Creator -> your name
Creator Address: Blank
Creator Phone: Blank
Creator email:
Creator Web site:

The stories, once approved, are uploaded on and are included in our newsletters to the media.

The agency retains 40% of the licencing fees paid by the media and the photographer / writer gets 60%.

By submitting your photos and words to The TPA you certify that you own the images and copyright and that you agree on the terms above.

To upload your individual photos plase click here Stock Photo web site

To get the template to submit your STORIES, please fill the form below:


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