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All the Tribe Press Agency / Stock Photo images are available for licensing.
They are produced by professional passionate photographers. Meaningful captions are available on demand. We constantly add new photos to the image bank.

Photos are tagged with keywords (like sea, river, monk, temple, heritage building…) which make them easy to find and retrieve. You can also select them by clicking a category or browsing the gallery by country.

Low resolution images with watermarks can be downloaded for free. Each photo is also available in high resolution for print use (300 dpi, 4063 pixels for the longer side) and in low resolution for web use (72 dpi, 800 pixels for the longer side, no watermark)

If you are more interested in stories with words and captions, please visit our sister site TheTribePressAgency.com
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NGOs and regular customers can open a Special Account ($1000 monthly credit and monthly billing). NGOs benefit from 50% discount on all the prices displayed. Automatic discounts apply on quantities ordered in our image bank.

We are always looking for new talents, committed photographers who want to contribute to an image bank and make an income selling their photos. If you are a photographer and want to upload your best photos in our stock photo, please register here

The Tribe Press Agency specialises in news, travel, and photography. We are an agency founded by photographers to serve the media industry and generate an income for talented photographers.