Ethiopia Bodi Tribe Fat Men

Ethiopia Bodi Tribe Fat Men

Ethiopia Bodi Tribe Fat Men. Every year in june, takes place in the deep south of Ethiopia, in the remote area of Omo valley, the celebration of the Bodi tribe new year: the Kael.

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For 6 months the men from the tribe will feed themselves with only fresh milk and blood from the cows.
They will not be allowed to have sex and to go out of their little hut. Everybody will take care of them, the girls bringing milk every morning in pots or bamboos.
The winner is the bigger. He just wins fame, nothing special.
This area does not welcome tourists and has kept his traditions.

The fat men drink milk and blood all day long. The first bowl of blood (1 to 2 liters) is drunk at sunrise. The place is invaded by flies. The man must drink it quickly before it coagulates.
Some can not drink everything and vomit it.

On the day of the Kael, the fat men cover their bodies with clay and ashes.  To access the full story please fill the form below:

Photos & story Eric Lafforgue

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