Chin Tattooed Women

The Last Generation of the Chin Tattooed Women

By Jacques Maudy & Julie Andre

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I was told, before I set up to the Chin State, that it was one of the poorest and isolated regions of the country. I thought I was prepared. But as is often in life what you discover is not always what you expect.

My purpose was to document the face tattooed Chin women. The women we met belong to six tribes in the south east of the state, concentrated around Mindat and Kanpetlet. There are some 12 Chin tribes displaying face tattoos, spread between the north of Rakhine State and the south east of the Chin state. Their practice of face tattooing has survived long after the Myanmar government forbade it in 1960.  Traditional tattooists were still active until 1996 and we met a 30 year-old Muun mother whose face was done at 15 years of age, approximately in 1999….

Copyright Photos Jacques Maudy and Julie André / The Tribe Press Agency

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