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Cemetery Tour  USA -New Orleans

Black & White
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A classic visit to New Orleans includes taking a cemetery tour.
Cemeteries in New Orleans are amazing and unique. Frequently being the venue for Hollywood movies, the people and legends who made New Orleans still lie here. People such as the legendary Marie Laveau, an unforgettable Voodoo Priestess buried in the St. Louis Cemetery #1. There are several cemeteries around New Orleans and soon you’ll discover the smaller ones are better, as you quickly lose yourself in the mystical labyrinth.  The larger ones, still stand, majestic, but “available”, well-maintained and orderly. On the other hand, the creepy, smaller cemeteries, such as the aged St. Louis #1 and Lafayette #1 are impressive in a wide, but small, New Orleanian block style.  The graves are closely packed together, their corners deteriorating from poor maintenance which gives a particular allure complementing the charm and spook behind the graves.

We offer two different photo tours of New Orleans Cemetery. Colours and Black & White, for a slightly different point of view.

Photos: Jimi Cassacia

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