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Royal Wedding Ubud Bali

Royal Wedding at The Ubud Palace – Video Clip The royal wedding was on its way. Last March 18th a special fragrance was breathing on the streets of Ubud, one of the most picturesque villages and of cultural significance  of

Daily Life in Antanambe, Madagascar

Vie Quotidienne a Antanambe, Madagascar The Tribe Press Agency photographer Jean Charles Lavictoire gives us a beautiful glimpse of the daily life in Antanambe, Madagascar. Article available in French and English   Antanambé se situe sur la côte est de

Pondicherry Video Clip

Pondicherry, A Glamorous Glimpse of Old Asia PONDICHERRY IS MORE THAN JUST A TASTE OF OLD ASIA Welcome to the most romantic gateway of Southern India.
Puducherry, affectionately referred to as “Pondy”, is a golden feather on the crown of Tamil

The Cremation of the Queen of Ubud – clip

The Cremation of the Queen of Ubud The public appearance of tribe’s warriors on the door steps of the royal palace of Ubud marked the beginning of the cremation ceremony of the Queen of Ubud. In Bali’s tradition her farewell

Whale Sanctuary in Sainte Marie Madagascar Video Clip

 Whale Sanctuary in Sainte Marie Madagascar Located a few kilometres off the east coast of Madagascar lies Sainte Marie, a tropical paradise and a whale sanctuary. Our photographers spent five days with CETAMADA, a local NGO that has created a

Pasola Sumba Indonesia Video Clip

The Pasola in Sumba Indonesia is a ritual confrontation with spears and on horses celebrated annually in the west of the Island. Two clans line up some 20 horsemen who will prove their bravery by attacking the adverse clan on

Shwedagon Pagoda

Schwedagon Pagoda  – Dagon is the ancient name for Yangon –  is said to be 2600 years old making it the oldest pagoda in Myanmar and indeed the world. It is visible from any point of Yangon and truly spectacular

Chin Tattooed Women Portraits

Daw Pa Sim, 71 Years old, Uppriu Tribe, Chin Sate, Myanmar

Chin Tattooed Women Portraits Chin Tattooed Women Portraits from Myanmar in black & white by our photographer Julie Andre. Theses photos have been taken in January 2014. Chin Tattooed Women Portraits from The Tribe Press Agency on Vimeo.   These photos

1000 Faces of Myanmar

Our agency photographers best Myanmar portraits including Muun, Yin Dii Daai, Daai, Makkan, Uppriu tribes, Moken. People from  Kanpetlet, Minday, Kyar Do & Aye in Chin State, Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and elsewhere shot by photographers Julie Andre, Jimi Casaccia,