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Shwedagon Pagoda

Schwedagon Pagoda  – Dagon is the ancient name for Yangon –  is said to be 2600 years old making it the oldest pagoda in Myanmar and indeed the world. It is visible from any point of Yangon and truly spectacular

Chin Tattooed Women Portraits

Daw Pa Sim, 71 Years old, Uppriu Tribe, Chin Sate, Myanmar

Chin Tattooed Women Portraits Chin Tattooed Women Portraits from Myanmar in black & white by our photographer Julie Andre. Theses photos have been taken in January 2014. Chin Tattooed Women Portraits from The Tribe Press Agency on Vimeo.   These photos

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon A Human Made Wonder in Myanmar [slideshow_deploy id=’1125’] Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Shwe Dagon Paya) is an architectural wonder. I have visited it on several occasions, at different times of the year and of the day. I

1000 Faces of Myanmar

Our agency photographers best Myanmar portraits including Muun, Yin Dii Daai, Daai, Makkan, Uppriu tribes, Moken. People from  Kanpetlet, Minday, Kyar Do & Aye in Chin State, Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and elsewhere shot by photographers Julie Andre, Jimi Casaccia,

Chin Tattooed Women

Daw Htang Shen, 30 yo, Muun Tribe, Chin, Myanmar

The Last Generation of the Chin Tattooed Women By Jacques Maudy & Julie Andre [slideshow_deploy id=’1012’] I was told, before I set up to the Chin State, that it was one of the poorest and isolated regions of the country.

Easter in Myeik

Easter in Myeik Myanmar [slideshow_deploy id=’151’] The Christian celebration of Easter in Myeik, a remote port in the south of Myanmar. In the early Sunday morning, the bells chime as a heavenly chorus of voices join in unison to celebrate

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Yangon a City to Rescue

Yangon a City to Rescue Myanmar  [slideshow_deploy id=’150’] A comprehensive  documentation of the heritage buildings of Yangon. Copyright: Jacques Maudy and Jimi Casaccia / The Tribe Press Agency / JJMC. These exclusive photos are published in a 60 page book that

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Than Yee Wine of the Palm Tree

Than Yee Wine of the Palm Tree Bagan Myanmar Nestled on the outskirts of Bagan, Myanmar, U Taw Dan collects and sells Than Yee, a delicious juice tapped from the Toddy Palm. Enjoy it fresh and sweet in the morning or

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Shinbyu: “Sons of the Enlightened One”

Myanmar Follow two boys from Bagan, Myanmar as they take a journey of Shinbyu into the Buddhist monastery as novice monks. The transformation from extravagant Princes to humble and dedicated monks. [slideshow_deploy id=’144’] Shinbyu: The Sons of the Enlighted One

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The Golden Pearls of Myanmar

The Golden Pearls of Myanmar Among the pristine islands and beaches rising out the jade-like waters of the Mergui Archipelago lie one of the most exquisite and unique gems in the world – golden pearls. Referred to by the locals

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