1000 Faces of Myanmar

Our agency photographers best Myanmar portraits including Muun, Yin Dii Daai, Daai, Makkan, Uppriu tribes, Moken. People from  Kanpetlet, Minday, Kyar Do & Aye in Chin State, Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and elsewhere shot by photographers Julie Andre, Jimi Casaccia, John Khai, Gina Geurgis and Jacques Maudy.

We have roamed Burma to show the variety  of the people of Myanmar. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Animist coexist, hundreds of tribe display their differences.

These photos are a selection among hundreds. If you want to use any in your publications please fill the form below.

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You will find stories like “Exploring the Mergui Islands“,  the famous “Golden Pearls of Myanmar“, the “Shimbyu” ceremony in Bagan, “Than Yee, the Wine of the Palm Tree“, the amazing Yangon heritage architecture – these photos have bee edited in a book, “Yangon a City to Rescue“, the Karen Christian Easter Mass in the frontier town of Myeik or the story of the last Face Tattooed Women of the remote and isolated Chin State.


1000 Faces of Myanmar TheTPA.net from The Tribe Press Agency on Vimeo.